Land Restoration Services

Our services are helping restore land and waterways to build a healthy, clean environment.

Land Restoration Services -Mana Tahuna
Reforesting - Mana Tahuna


We are helping landowners and the community restore their land and waterways to build a health, clean environment.

Our team helps restore the native biodiversity and protect riparian areas through reforestation projects across the basin. Including a large-scale restoration project at Te Wai Whakaata.

We are helping to stabilise the land, reduce erosion and phosphorous E.coli levels in our waterways. Creating a natural habitat for native birds and insects that will reinstate the ecosystem that once stood there.

Pest Control / Hunting

Our team have extensive experience in the removal and protection against pests in the Tuhuna countryside.

Large Pest Control

Our hunters remove pests from public and private land to reduce the impact on our native flora and fauna.

Small Pest Removal

We trap small pests and predators like rats, rabbits and possums to protect our native species and countryside.

Preventative Solutions

We help to protect against the destruction of the environment by pests with planting and fencing solutions.

Pest Control Hunting - Mana Tahuna
Environmental Consultancy - Mana Tahuna

Environmental Consulting

We provide consultancy and Farm Environment planning services, to support farmers, landowners and the community in the effective governance of their land and waterways.

We help landowners and commercial users of the whenua comply with regulatory requirements and maximize land use.

Our qualified hunter offer a Ngā Whakapū o te Whakangangahu course that covers the Fundamentals of Hunting, followed by a physical hunt.

Work with us to make a lasting difference

Together we can build a self-sustaining environment for our whānau to thrive. We are here as partners to help both our community and our land.

Work with us to make a lasting difference - Mana Tahuna