Nau mai, Haere mai ki Mana Tāhuna

We are a kaupapa Māori Charitable Trust committed to and leading positive systemic change for the community and the Taiao.

Pest Control Hunting - Mana Tahuna
Providing Better Futures for our Rakatahi - Mana Tahuna
Mana Taiao Team - Mana Tahuna
Ko te Hoeroa te Whare! - Mana Tahuna
WHS Planting Day - Mana Tahuna
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Environmental Consultancy - Mana Tahuna
Celebration of Te Ao Māori and Wānanga - Mana Tahuna
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Manaaki Tangata, Manaaki Whenua, Haere Whakamua




Te Aroha


Community Services

Supporting our whānau

Creating a safe, supportive environment for our whānau to connect, grow, be healthy and thrive as Māori in Tāhuna

Ko wai mātou
Supporting our Taiao - Mana Tahuna

Environmental Services

Supporting our Taiao

From Glenorchy to Gibbston, we work with landowners to educate and restore the health of our Whenua.

Our Impact

Mana Tāhuna Charitable Trust korowai of support and 28 passionate kaimahi, are committed to ensuring our social, cultural and environmental impacts are everlasting. Established in 2020 we have only just scratched the surface of what we can do with our community.


600 whānau

We have helped over 600 individual whānau connect, learn and reclaim their culture.


10,000 hectares

We are helping restore over 10,000 hectares of freshwater catchment in the Whakatipu.

Reemployment & Retaining

560 whānau

We have supported over 560 whānau through covid isolation with kai and health support.


75 jobs

We have created over 75 jobs and apprenticeships in Tāhuna.


30 whānau

Our drop in services support over 20 whānau weekly through mental health and drug and addiction.


88,000 plants

We have planted over 88,000 plants throughout the Whakatipu Basin.

Work with us to make a lasting difference

Together we can build a self-sustaining environment for our whānau to thrive. We are here as partners to help both our community and our land.

Work with us to make a lasting difference - Mana Tahuna