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Mana Tāhuna Community Services

Fulfilling our mission to manaaki tangata - we provide a range of pastoral care, youth services and rehabilitative services to all whānau in Queenstown-Lakes.

Mana Tāhuna Community Services

Our Community Services

With a team of 5 kaimahi in our Health & Social and Rakatahi space, we have helped over 600 individual whānau connect, learn and reclaim their culture.

Te Ao Maori - Mana Tahuna

Te Ao Maori

We lead Tāhuna in celebrating and cultivating Te Ao Māori.

We want all Rakatahi Māori in Tāhuna to be connected and actively participating in Te Ao Māori.

Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rakatahi - Te Hoeroa (Steering mechanism of a waka) is our dedicated rakatahi and whānau hub located in Tāhuna. We provide spaces for whānau to safely be Māori in Tāhuna.

We have dedicated programmes to help Māori connect to our culture through whakapapa, waiata, toi, pūrakau and wānanga.

Health & Social Services

Our health and community programmes are designed to provide the best outcomes for our community. We are committed to ensure our social and cultural impacts are everlasting.


We support whānau in drug and alcohol counselling. Our goal’s to support the total rehabilitation of all our whānau using this service.


We provide mentorship, job opportunities & guidance to discover different opportunities you can take.

Kai Support

We work with local suppliers to provide kai support to whānau in need within our community.

Health & Social Services - Mana Tahuna
Rakatahi Services - Mana Tahuna

Rakatahi Services

We provide a full korowai of pastoral support which sees us engage with over 25 rakatahi weekly supporting them with education, social services, career development and more.

Youth Hub

The space is for all Rakatahi to utilise to complete schoolwork, hang out, play games and immerse themselves in Te Ao Māori.

Mau Rakau

This unique programme gives our kids the opportunity to learn Māori culture and traditions, gain new skills and get fit.

Ka Hao te Rakatahi

A programme for Rakatahi to show the different aspects of Te Ao Māori, that aren't within the school curriculum here.

Work with us to make a lasting difference

Together we can build a self-sustaining environment for our whānau to thrive. We are here as partners to help both our community and our land.

Work with us to make a lasting difference - Mana Tahuna